Cross Platform Mobile Development

It is true that we witness greater degree of fragmentations on the mobile platforms in terms of OS and hardware both. Users are also fragmented according to the OS because you will find highly active and quality seeker users on the iOS devices whereas broad spectrum of users available on the Android covering entire globe.


Thus, dealing with their OS specific and device specific needs is tough at a time if we are thinking our mobile app solutions in native languages. Development in native languages demands
A. Long time line
B. Plenty of resources
C. Large budget


At other hand mobile web app have limited scope and not feasible when performance, aesthetics and advancements are involved. Therefore, we have to remain in between native and web app. Thus, hybrid approach through cross platform is mandatory here.

  • Unlike web app, cross-platform hybrid apps are using same languages like HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and jQuery, hence they are easy to program
  • However, they wrapped in native codes so they can access all hardware and software features of the client devices
  • Cross-platform mobile solutions gives native like presentation, clarity, support to images and other hardware features such as camera, accelerometer, hand gesture responses, etc. so you may hardly differentiate them from the native apps
  • You need to code once only and deploy on all platforms without much twisting and tweaking at code side
  • Since it uses web development languages the development process is easy and rapid so you can get highly cost-effective mobile app solutions using cross-platform programming

ESIGIL at Cross-platform Mobile Development

Prolonged Experiences

We are involved in cross-platform mobile development since the beginning so we have pool of human resources as well as other infrastructure to meet the need of any scale of development.

Unbeatable Teams

We know cross-platform programming needs exceptional designing and programming skills so we have collected human resources accordingly and trained them to achieve desired success within budget constraints. Our designers are superior in responsive designing to match devices of all mobile platforms and come up with comprehensive solutions with desired creativity.

Domain Expertise

We are expert in various cross-platform frameworks like

  • PhoneGap: with this framework we create thin native application that is in embedded form of web browser. We use HTTP request interception techniques to bridge the gap between device and web app. We use JavaScript APIs extensively perform various functions across the different native platforms.
  • Appcelerator Titanium: this one is more powerful cross-platform development framework than others and offer extensive tools and APIs to deal effectively with native app competitions. We use its Eclipse-based IDE to bring innovative features and functionality in your mobile app
  • Sencha Touch 2: this is free and opensource framework offering advance tools with easy to use interface so your moderate web development knowledge prove sufficient to create robust mobile application without much investment of time and money
  • jQuery Mobile: this one is HTML5 user interface framework with extensive support for all major mobile platforms like iOS, Android, Windows, BlackBerry, Symbian, etc

Now, Act

You may have different needs and your business have some unique requirements in terms of features and functionality in your mobile app. Our expert team is ready to provide free consultation services to meet your goals like covering wide range of mobile users with limited budget through our cross-platform mobile development.