Custom CRM Development

We repeatedly admitting that customer is king decade-to-decade and evolving our technologies and business strategies to put our customers in centre. At ESIGIL you will find modern technologies, tools and techniques employed to collect, manage and link information regarding to your customer. Thus, we make CRM activity easy and rapid despite the burgeoning the numbers of customers and expansion of modern business and its complexities through our out-of box custom CRM development.

What You Will Get at ESIGIL

Our CRM solutions will enable you to:

  • Get better understanding of your customers whether you are in B2B or B2C businesses or a small business of mix kind.
  • With the help of our custom CRM programming, you will get tools to get new customers easily as well as retain them for longer through good experiences and services with your business.
  • Our CRM functionality and features empower you to get maximum leads as well as win more clients and contracts through better analysis and reporting abilities.
  • Our straightforward approaches in CRM solutions increase your profitability as well as lower down the overheads and customer management costs.

Why Do You Knock Doors of ESIGIL for Custom CRM Solutions

In fact, CRM solutions market is flooding with ready to use solutions from giants in the industry like Microsoft, but recent survey of their users indicates that they only can use less than 50% features and capacities and remaining are useless. This fact and figure directly indicates that we need something special for our unique needs and they are solve through custom CRM development only.

  • If you look at the technological front you will find the usage of Cloud computing, SaaS, etc. based solutions prevailing in the market. Fortunately, we are experts in such futuristic technologies and can come up with sumptuous CRM programming for your bespoken needs.
  • Now, social media is offering new class of customers, call social customers. Therefore, we are well equipped with the tools and techniques to successfully integrate social networks with your custom CRM solution and enable you to reap the benefits of new trends and mentalities of new generation.
  • As we are living in multi devices and mobility era we are ready to deliver our custom CRM designing and development outcomes compatible with mobile as well as desktop alike. Here our abilities to create all sort of use cases based on the device specific requirements.

What You Can Do With Our Custom CRM Solutions

We offer range of services and levels of customization for your custom CRM programming and designing including

Marketing Services

When we target our CRM designing and programming on the marketing services you will get tools for easy tracking of marketing, use multiple channels to run your marketing campaigns like social networking sites, simple email marketing or direct conversations through instant messengers or telephones/mobiles. You can track clicks of the customers as well as their responses and can manage leads or deals effectively.

Customer Support

As, quick customer support can increase the level of your customer experiences with you, we enable your customers to easily and rapidly made and manage their requests. Moreover, our custom CRM development enables you to identify your loyal customer base and offer incentives and rewards to strengthen your customer relationships for long run.

Social Customer Acquisition

Our custom CRM development team recognizing the important social networking sites for your business and integrate them seamlessly with your custom CRM solution. This way you can track your customers on such media and communicate as well as develop a community for your business on such sites. Through social media integration you can create positive opinions about your products or services as well as extend and strengthen your services at community level.

Your Turn

Now, it is your turn to place your bespoken needs or unique requirements of your businesses of any scale and initiate a dialogue with us.