Custom Web Development

First up, there are many companies out in the market to serve you for web development needs, but ESIGIL is offering something outstanding so its stands apart from the others.

We at ESIGIL put all sorts of solutions for all kinds of clients to meet their business needs, budgetary constraints and personal visions. In due course, many clients prefer ready to use templates for their projects and require some minor twists to manage their budget. At other hand, some genuine clients have unique requirements for their unique ideas and businesses so we treat them with custom web development technologies and techniques using suitable tools.

Exclusive Offerings of ESIGIL for Custom Web Development

Enjoy High Level of Software Development Skills

platforms and opensource scripting. We have teams of domain ESIGIL has teams of software developers for different set of software programming languages including proprietary experts for:

  • PHP development: since PHP is opensource script and consists of various opensource software like WordPress, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, etc. we have teams of programmers with enough talents and skill sets in these respective opensource programming. We are able to modify any source code from these opensource and other related scripts in order to meet your exclusive business needs.
  • Microsoft Technologies: we are working on Microsoft languages like ASP, ASP.NET, VB and other technologies since the beginning we are fluent and comprehensive for this proprietary platform for affordable and robust web development for your customization.
  • Other Programming Languages: we have turned every stone in order to obtain mastery over other major languages to customize web development projects from various industry verticals. We have good commands over Java class of languages, C class of languages like C, C++, C#, Visual C++, JavaScript, VB script, Jscript, Active script, jQuery, Media Query, etc.
  • Database Expertise: we are easy and smooth sailors for each of major databases prevalent in the software industries like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, Sybase, MS SQL, etc. Therefore, your custom web programming project has guarantee of definite success despite huge database requirements and rapid data interactions.
  • Web Server Efficiency: Since expertise on the web server management is essential for custom web development project, as it highly affects the performance of your website or web application at first hand. Therefore, we are capable to efficiently dealing with MS IIS, Apache, Tomcat Apache, Jrun, etc. without creating any hassle for your project.
  • Cross-platform and Cross-browser Expertise: Since various languages and programming scripts need to fulfill their own OS requirements for development, we are capable to manage on both proprietary platforms like Apple and Microsoft as well as opensource OS like Linux for our custom web development needs. Same the way our web access is not restricted upto desktop or laptop browsers so we are testing on all handheld devices and their browsers for your custom web programming projects.

Everything Unlimited

  • As you know very well that in standard templates you have limited chances to bring uniqueness, but in customization of your web development, we have to create everything from the scratch or from the blank templates. Thus, you have 100% unique product to be outstanding in your niche and web as a whole.
  • Since we are working from the scratch, we make each endeavor without any boundary of our hard work, skills, knowledge and domain expertise.
  • We are ready to bring you on cross-platform and cross languages for development.
  • We will produce indefinite wireframes and prototypes to convince you and your business needs.
  • We never restricted up to limited frameworks and development architecture to hit your goals.
  • We will take help of unlimited numbers of available add-ons, extensions, components and third party software to make your custom web development project functional and financially viable.
  • We never compromise with security aspects of your custom web development project, offer safe, and best user experiences. In due course we will turn each stone of security measures without any limit of time and resources.

What We Expect From You

Yes, we have few expectations from your side too. First up, we expect that you will come up with detailed project requirements of your needs and desires so we can decide the degree of customization in your web programming and put something acceptable on the table.