HTML5 Mobile Development

ESIGIL is the perfect choice for the all sorts of mobile development because it has different teams of mobile developers for different platforms so you have wide choices of platform specific development. If your application ideas or your bespoken needs of your business is not falling in any or some of the mobile platform specific need as well as you want to cover entire mobile audience with a single application, we have complete solutions for them too.

We have seasoned web developers working on the mobile platform with latest knowledge, skills, experiences and creativity to take challenges to make your mobile applications on all sorts of mobile devices including smartphones and tablets. Our mobile web app developers are fluent in latest markup

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • Media Query
  • Ajax
  • And jQuery

to bring just native like mobile applications running on widely fragmented platforms and devices.

To Whom ESIGIL Prefers HTML5 Mobile Application Development

There are many who consider HTML5 and mobile web app development technologies as silver bullet for perfect cross-platform mobile solutions, but these standards are not yet evolve such a level that can perform such broad roles. Therefore, we would like to warn our patrons when they insisting on HTML5 mobile programming to when to use and not HTML5 technologies in their cases.

You Need Lightweight and Web Based Mobile Application

Many industries and niches require limited features and functionality to accomplish their tasks. For instance, directory exploring, parts and accessories exploring and searching, information based applications like new papers and magazines, catalogue apps and some mobile apps with simple workflows are falling in these categories and allow you to run HTML5 mobile applications without performance issues.

Your Application Need Frequent Updates

Some organizations and business niches are demanding frequent updates of their mobile applications in terms of features, functionality and database. Therefore, connecting them with server is the best option to make seamless updates, in regular manner. If your business or idea is falling in this category, you can go for HTML5 web app development

When You Have Time-To-Market and Budget as Issues

If your project is large but you need to attend your time-to-market and budgetary constraints, HTML5 web app programming is the best solutions and ESIGIL is ready to meet your needs with least investment and grater ROI.

If You Want To Leverage Benefits of Latest Cloud Base Technologies

However, there are many ways to leverage modern technologies in your business performance through native apps, but HTML5 web app is a hybrid approach that provides low cost and easy to use solutions for such cases.

When You Need To Create Test App before Costly Native Development

In large project, directly jumping on native application programming may prove a costly affair and time drain if you fail so testing those applications through HTML5 web app programming before spending on various native platform is making some sense. In such cases, you can contact us for your HTML5 mobile web application development.

What ESIGIL Offers

  • Our seasoned HTML5 programmers describing the content better through semantic elements
  • Superb multimedia presentations including 2D and 3D animations and images without 3rd party supports
  • Offering multiple options through CSS3 and jQery for layout and other UI elements
  • Free devices to store and use memories as well as load on client CPU using server, web application and Cloud computing
  • Grant ubiquitous presence of your application on all platforms including iOS, Android, Windows, BB, Symbian, etc.
  • No downloading and no installing requirements for our HTML5 mobile apps

Your Role

Now, you only need to push inquiry button and fill up some information to place your needs and arrange an online brief meeting to get whatever you want at the cheapest rates.