Mobile App Development

ESIGIL is working on iOS application development since the first release of iPhone SDK. Therefore, we have experienced the entire evolution paths in the industry. Thus, we would like to assure your success for iPhone application programming or iPad app development endeavors.

iPhone Application Development Services at ESIGIL

  • We know the intricacy of the modern iPhone application programming requirements so we have updated our iPhone development team accordingly with latest tools and technologies available in the market
  • We employ proven development methodologies to assure desired quality and rapid application designing and development process. In due course, we formulate custom strategies in each project
  • We emphasis on the seamless communication between iPhone development team and clients using latest tools and technologies for rapid communication
  • We offer highly competitive rates based on our skills to justify project using rapid development techniques and high quality assurance practices
  • We keep long-term relationships with our clients though quick technical and marketing supports and comprehensive maintenance policies

iPad Application Development Services at ESIGIL

  • Our iPad app development team clearly knows the differences between iPhone and iPad development so they formulate iPad development strategies according to the different use cases
  • Our iPad development team design and programming iPad applications according to the hardware and software needs of iPad like screen size, accelerometer, different gestures and iOS compatibility

Technical Competency of ESIGIL for iOS Development

  • Our iOS developers are fluent in iOS development languages like Objective C, C++, etc. so our coding performs better in each project and achieve desired results
  • Our graphic designers are creative and designing innovative UIs and layouts for iPhone and iPad applications so your apps become alluring yet easy to use
  • Our UX designers and QA team assures better user experiences and bug free application to get instant approval in the Apple store
  • We have excellent iOS game designers team who know how to use third party gaming software and gaming technologies like Cocos2d, Unity 3D/4D, OpenGL ES, etc. to make attractive and engaging games for all kinds of game lovers
  • Our iOS developers are equipped with location based technical knowhow and capable to use them in various LBSs and GPSs including Augmented Reality application development and high-end mobility solutions to automate enterprise mobility
  • We update our human resources frequently so they can make your iOS applications according to the Apple’s guidelines
  • Our iOS developers are web developers at first place so they are fluent in HTML5, CSS3, advance JavaScript and jQuery to meet the modern ubiquitous iOS web application development requirements

ESIGIL Contributes in Various Industries and Categories for iOS Programming

We are accustomed with the different needs of various industries so we trained our human resources accordingly and offer our iOS development services for following categories in most cases:

iOS Game Development

our game designers and programmers know the tools and technologies to create alluring and engaging iPhone as well as iPad games according to devices and their use cases. We create iPhone games that can be played during on the go while iPad games in the home and offices with good screen resolutions and with various hand gestures

iPhone and iPad Business Applications Solutions

We are capable to automate the complicated business processes for the enterprises as well as medium to small businesses and offer high productivity and efficient marketing opportunities through our out-of-box iPhone and iPad application solutions. We can device various applications for range of industries like:

  • Connectivity and Productivity tools for B2B and B2C businesses
  • Useful applications for healthcare industry including tools for doctors and patients as well as various exercise measurement and planning tools
  • Internal staff management tools
  • Customer relationship management tools
  • Location based tools for tourism and hospitality industry
  • Real estate applications
  • HR and Job industry applications

Apart from these, we create applications with maximum usability and great user experiences for

  • Entertainment
  • Lifestyle
  • Education
  • Weather
  • News and media
  • And many more…

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