PHP MySQL Development India

First, up we don’t want to miss lead through our title. As PHP is a programming language, a powerful server side script to create dynamic web pages and interactions with your audience, whereas MySQL is a database management language/system that allows you to manage effectively your huge databases.

In fact, PHP and MySQL work in a great combination and compliment each other to bring innovative solutions on the table. Therefore, ESIGIL prefer PHP MySQL web development against other similar databases like PostgreySQL, Firebird, etc. on opensource, and MS SQL on proprietary platforms.

Prominence of PHP MySQL Development at ESIGIL

  • PHP MySQL developers at ESIGIL are experts in RDBMS so they effectively deal with the SQL queries of your huge data exchanges.
  • As most of the online businesses are consisting huge databases of their customers as well as their products or services due to immense growth in Internet related businesses. Our experiences and skills put us in front of others to bring viable data driven solutions using PHP MySQL combination.
  • We have gain enough expertise to create user friendly as well as search engine friendly websites or web application catering the bespoken needs of our clients through custom PHP MySQL programming.
  • Our expertise in dealing with various PHP MVC frameworks such as CakePHP, Zend, Smarty, Code Igniter, Yii, etc. using seamless MySQL database integration enable us to come up with robust yet functional web application or website with least investment of time, money and efforts.
  • We have technical excellence in MySQL. For instance, our MySQL developers always prefer use of InnoDB against MyISAM because they know InnoDB freed them to do seamless integrity by supporting foreign key as well as it won’t lock data table whenever a record is updated.
  • Our PHP MySQL experts create highly advance OOP interface that allows preparing multiple statements and support transactions besides preventing SQL-injection attacks without losing performance credentials.
  • We never restricted up to English as one language but create our solution multiple languages compatible so our patrons from other countries of world can use our solutions freely using UTF-8 in our database integrations.
  • Our prolonged experiences and expertise reflect in the PHP MySQL development when only MySQL function is not enough to solve all problems we use PHP functions instead and solve problems efficiently. For instance, many times we can’t use native AVG function of MySQL as it slows down the performance so we use PHP loop to calculate an average by summing up your record-set at first hand.

When You Have Data Driven Web Development

ESIGIL is perfect place, to place your data driven web development needs. Our experienced and expert team of PHP MySQL developers will definitely solve your problems within your given time lines and budget.