SilverLight Development

Silverlight is a bit advance in compare to Adobe Flash in technologies, supports and performance. In modern mobile era, it also shows its presence on Windows Phone. Therefore, the demand of Silverlight development is intact and growing gradually despite the presence of HTML 5 and its support to the multimedia content.

ESIGIL the most Competent Partner for Silverlight Development

  • Experiences: We have spent major time on Microsoft technology programming so we know inside out of that platform well and can easily bring some innovative solutions on the table. Thus, our Silverlight developers have enough experiences to bring a life into your web project using latest versions of Silverlight and mingling latest tools of Microsoft technologies developments.
  • Technical Expertise: our Silverlight developers are far skilled in technologies and techniques to bring most possible support for the third party languages supports like Ruby, Python, EcmaScript, etc. so you can leverage the Dot Net frameworks in other languages too. We are in a position to claim that we can beat Flash one time with our Silverlight development tricks and tweaks to mingle 3D vector graphics, animation, and streaming video codec supports in your live applications.
  • High Quality Experiences: our team has embedded and integrated multimedia content of all format like images, audios, and videos in various kinds of websites, web applications, and mobile application using Silverlight development excellence. You will find seamless integration and streaming television, broadcasting stations for radios and news channels n our portfolio examples.
  • Ubiquitous Development: we make Silverlight development available on all platforms like Mac, Linux, major mobile platforms, etc. Moreover, our coding enables you to play your application on any browser with complete compatibility.
  • Cost-effective Development: due to easy licensing terms and prices, Silverlight is far cheaper than Flash and other platforms and we make it more affordable with our rapid application development, designing, and QA measures. Our Silverlight programming is more acceptable on most of the servers particularly on which ISS has installed.
  • Collaborative Development Environment: we leverage out-of-box capacities of Silverlight to separate presentation layer from application logic and allow both teams of designers and developers to work simultaneously on the same Silverlight development project. This way we pave the ways to create a great collaborative and highly conductive application development environment. This turns into your benefits and improve quality and creativity factors in your projects.
  • Get Extensive Support of Other Technologies: With Silverlight development at ESIGIL, you will get extensive support of WCF, WPF, and LINQ frameworks and design patterns to bring desired features in your applications. In addition to this, you will get support of search engines in ranking and marketing as code is accessible for crawling, in contrast to Flash, which prohibits bots. Moreover, you won’t suffer from lack of developer community support as any Microsoft developer can play with Silverlight programming.

Range of Silverlight Development Services at ESIGIL

  • Silverlight website development
  • Silverlight web application development
  • Silverlight programming using XAML, XML, etc. languages and scripting
  • Silverlight modules development
  • Custom Silverlight programming and designing
  • Silverlight plug-ins development
  • Silverlight development with Expression Blend
  • Silverlight e-commerce development
  • Silverlight in small to big websites, portals and intricate application programming
  • And many more ASP.NET Silverlight developments

Now Your Turn

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