Windows Phone AppDevelopment

Microsoft Windows is getting traction in desktop as well as handheld devices. Since Windows 8 is ubiquitous OS for all sorts of devices the rules of mobile application development is different here on Windows platform.

ESIGIL the Best Fit for Windows Mobile App Development

  • We have long legend with Microsoft technology programming so we are accustomed with this platform and know tricks and tweaks to make your Windows mobile application designing and programming a success legend

  • Apart from familiarity with Microsoft languages, tools like Visual studio 12 and higher versions and others we have trained our team for usability, user experiences and affordability aspects of development so you will get most desirable products with least investment and time-to-market
  • We create seamless communications and effective conversations with our patrons using modern technologies since the beginning of the Windows phone application development project. Thus, our patrons become the inseparable part of the project and can manage as well as contribute actively in the project to get their desired results with shortest time line
  • Our expertise in Windows Phone platform enables our programmers to integrate latest and unique features of Windows 8 and so on in order to satisfy the needs and expectations of tech-savvy and modern users
  • Our highly skilled Windows mobile app programmers will make advance applications using latest features of Microsoft
    • Office Hub for business productivity using latest features like Excel, Word, PP OneNote and SharePoint Mobile to create highly collaborative working environment with mobility
    • Social Hub for social media integration
    • Video Hub for multimedia content presentation across the devices including TV, PC, Mobile, Tablets, etc.
    • Windows capacities to run multiple applications under smooth background process
    • rapid application switching
    • huge database integration using SQL, Local SQL and MS SQL solutions

    • comprehensive use of Silverlight andXNA for advanced functionality
    • IE9 and higher browser compatibility
    • Create cloying UIs using Panorma views and StartScreen features
    • Offers live Tile enhancement with live Tile updates

  • We have created latest infrastructural facilities to create highly conductive and collaborative development environment for Microsoft technology experts and Windows Mobile application project owners to commence their project with expected results and within desired timeline with smooth development process
  • Our excellent technical and marketing support system offers instant help without the obstacles of time zones as well as mode of communication as our marketing team, project managers and base level programmers using latest communication technologies like e-mails, instant messengers and live chats on our website to make instant and effective conversations
  • We believe in long-term relationships with our patrons so we can get more repeat customers in long run so we highly focus on the affordability and satisfaction aspects of the Windows Phone application development