WordPress Development India

If PHP is grabbing some sixty percent website source code, WordPress is enjoying its half bite. If this is the indicator of the popularity of WordPress in website development community so what is reason that you still thinking of other opensource or proprietary software for your online identity?

If you think of WordPress web development, think about ESIGIL seriously as your choice of WordPress development company. The reasons are obvious:

Why ESIGIL the Best Choice for WordPress Development

Experienced Team

ESIGIL has long record of WordPress project success. The portfolio of ESIGIL consists of simple blog to interactive and dynamic e-commerce and large size enterprise portals running for multipurpose and multi lingual audiences. WordPress development team at ESIGIL is ready to meet any scale of project with any level of complexities in needs, features and functionality.

Domain Expertise

WordPress web programming demands enough knowledge of PHP and MySQL along with basic markups and latest scripting. Therefore, we are frequently updating our WordPress programming team for

  • HTML5, CSS3
  • latest WordPress frameworks
  • MVC architecture
  • XML, XHTML, RPC, Webservice
  • JavaScript, Ajax, jQuery
  • and other related technologies and tools

Attractive yet Functional Designing

We have top-notch graphics designers to create eye candy graphics, UI elements, and engaging animations/sliders to make your web presence alluring at first sight. Our designers for UX are making all UI elements and content strategies functional and offering better user experiences. Our WordPress programmers do semantic and standard coding so you have smooth screen flow without any performance issue and with easy interactivity.

Advance Features and Functionality

Our WordPress developers have expertise in creation and integration of WordPress plug-ins, extensions, components, and other 3rd party software to bring extra features and functionality in your WordPress development project. For instance, if you want contemporary e-commerce website using WordPress, our experts can help you to bring advance search functionality, plenty of payment options through payment gateway integration, easy checkout pages, etc. using plug-ins and extensions of the existing WordPress community or creating custom WordPress plug-ins for you.

High Quality Products

Our WordPress quality assurance team is formulating extensive testing schedule throughout the development stages in order to assure bug free and easy to use product. Our UX professionals run UX survey during different stages of development and ensure better user experiences in your website or web application. Our usability experts check the usability credential since the beginning of the WordPress project and keep consistency in usability of the product throughout the development stages.

SEO and Promotional Friendly Product

Our SEO team offers its valuable suggestions and services since the beginning stage of the WordPress programming project so your website or web application will get immediate attentions of the users as well as the bots. Our SMO professionals integrate social media sites and plugins to make your words viral on the web through your WordPress product.

Anything Missing

If your intention is to go for custom WordPress web development, feel free to place your intricate queries before our technical-cum marketing teams to start fruitful conversation. If your project is simple and small don’t feel shame, we are your best friend so let’s have some online conversations.